Home Electrical Installations

A unique course of its kind, based exclusively on practice, without complications. You will not need to have previous experience; the course will teach you from the beginning to get solid training in everything related to residential electrical installations from the meter that the energy companies install in front of the homes. You will obtain all the knowledge of components and tools used and will learn to calculate in a very easy way the types of pipes and cables to be used in each new installation. You will also know how to repair and solve problems, For more information Course with extensive work experience

Many times we have heard about electricity knowing what it is and its behavior. Imagine how convenient and lucrative it would be to master all the secrets of electrical installations to carry out projects in houses to be built or to carry out repairs and extensions in residences already built. With the Electricity course, you will learn everything related to frequently used electrical equipment (its operation and repair). Illumination systems. Fluorescent lighting, etc. All the topics covered in this course will train you quickly and easily, making it an efficient.