What is HVAC equipment used for?

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning. It is a type of system that provides heating and cooling for both residential and commercial buildings. HVAC systems used in homes, stores, factory and even in submarines where they help people to be comfortable in their environment.

The HVAC system is now becoming popular in new constructions. It uses fresh air from outdoors and processes it to provide a high quality of indoor air. The process involves removing of dust, heat, moisture, bacteria and other gasses to provide good quality of air indoor. The primary purpose of the HVAC system is to make occupants feel satisfied with thermal comfort by having the opportunity to adjust or control the air condition of the building they occupy.

To better understand the HVAC system, let us take a look at the different types so you can decide as to why type of hvac equipment Australia you want to use in your home or office.

Single and Multi-stage

A single-stage HVAC system is most popular in places with winter climates and humid areas. The system is set to provide comfort during the coldest or warmest time of the year. Most of the time, the system will operate at its full capacity even if you don’t want them to be. This is where multi-stage comes in. You can control how the system will operate thus helping you save money on energy consumption.

Zoned HVAC system

This is a single HVAC system that serves multiple zones or rooms. If you have a two-storey house or building, you can set the best temperature for each area so people will no longer argue as to what temperature is to be set on your thermostat. You have the option to make your upper building hotter or cooler than the lower building. Basically, a zoned HVAC system is a system where you can divide your home or office areas into different temperature. Its own thermostat of each room controls the temperature so no need to argue about the perfect thermostat setting.

Packaged HVAC system

This is a system where all major components are installed in one large cabinet. This type of HVAC system is commonly used in homes of offices without basements. This is usually placed outdoors. This system uses a blower to bring the treated air into the building and draw away the untreated air. The good thing about this system is that it doesn’t create too much noise since the system is installed outside. But then since it is located outdoors, they are prone to tear and wear quickly compared to other HVAC systems.

Ductless Split system

As per the name itself, the system does not need for ducting to be installed. Multiple units instead are used and placed in where the property owner wishes to have control over the temperature. These units are installed on the walls and then connected to the compressor outside the building. If you do not have ducting in your property, then this type of system would be the best option. A single unit is capable of providing treated air up to four units inside the property. Each unit has its own thermostat, so you are free to control the temperature setting for each room in your property.

Geothermal HVAC system

This type of HVAC system uses the heat underneath the ground. It uses a heat pump powered by electronics to process fluid through the use of underground pipes to exchange heat. This system can also be used to cool down your properties. In this process, the heat that is collected from your property is released into the ground, and then it is absorbed into the cooler section of the earth. Then the extracted cool air is cycled back into the building. This type of system is proven to be environmentally friendly, energy-efficient and can help you save money in your utility bills. Although the installation of this type of system is expensive, you’ll eventually get your investment through your energy savings within 8 to 10 years.

Aside from the mentioned types, there are also other different types of an HVAC system. All of the systems have their own pros and cons. Understanding its functionalities and its limitations are important to help you decide on which HVAC system to get for your home or your office. Choosing the right HVAC system that fits your budget and suit your needs will result in a more comfortable lifestyle.

Important note

No matter what type of system you choose, make sure to hire a professional to install the HVAC system in your property. This is to ensure that the system is properly installed and work properly. Also, it is important that your HVAC system undergoes regular maintenance to ensure that it will work properly efficiently and can serve you for long periods.